Media Database & Alerts

Thousands of organisations rely on us for the most accurate and in-depth intelligence on the media, journalists and bloggers to create PR programmes that hit the mark - every time.

Gorkana was founded by two PRs who ran out of patience with existing resources for managing relationships with the media. Too many cold trails. Too many journalists getting calls on subjects they no longer wrote about. Too many hours spent manually creating media contact lists. These issues continue to drive our obsessive quest for accuracy, detail and to help PRs and journalists develop relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

Our customers tell us that the quality and depth of our intelligence is exceptional, add that to our enthusiasm to provide the very best in personal service and that's what makes us the most recommended media database in the UK. This can all be put down to the genuine value we put on our relationships, with you and our journalists. Over 103,000 journalists rely on our daily media alerts to keep track of changes within their industry, and they talk to us - first. About their stories, their deadlines, and their career moves - and then we tell you.

Email bounce backs can be a thing of the past, with our daily email alerts keeping you up to speed with the very latest changes in your media community. Whether it's consumer, financial, European or US editions, we've got the roundup of all the latest career moves, editorial team changes, journalists on weekend call, and new publication launches.

In brief

  • In depth data.Access the deepest of deep dive data on all the media that matters.
  • Know what's news worthy.Monitor the hot topics with live 30 day analysis of key media coverage.
  • Keep up with media moves.Know who's gone, who's arrived, and who's new - with our daily media alerts.
  • Make real connections.Meet key journalists at our weekly events.
  • Own live distribution lists.Search, research, create, save and send to your own live lists or use our ready-made topical lists.
  • Log that call.Track and share all your media interactions with our relationship management system.
  • Go international.Extend your reach with access to our ever-expanding, EU and US media database.
  • Speed Communications
  • Marks & Spencer
  • McDonald's
  • Macmillan Cancer Support

Speed Communications

Gorkana is leaps and bounds ahead of other media database services. It has set itself apart by thinking hard about how PR teams work and fulfils the critical function of providing media intelligence at the fingertips of PR professionals.

Managing Director , Speed Communications

Marks & Spencer

The all-in-one service is ideal...the fact that it brings together services I know deliver accurate & detailed media intelligence gives me great confidence. It’s also the only service that offered me the ability to compare our social & mainstream coverage

Head of Product PR , Marks & Spencer


The link up between Gorkana Group's Media Database and Media Monitoring service works for us. The team saves a huge amount of time through being able to review our media coverage alongside the details of the journalist who wrote it.

Head of Communications , McDonald's

Macmillan Cancer Support

The updated healthcare pages on the Gorkana Media Database are really useful for the press team - as searching for contacts now is just so much more refined and detailed.

Media & PR Officer , Macmillan Cancer Support