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CNC links up with insurer Beazley to offer brands cybercrime reputational protection and support globally

8 December 2015

International comms consultancy CNC has forged a global partnership with specialist insurer Beazley to offer organisations a service which protects and helps them prepare for the reputational impact of a data breach.

CNC links up with insurer Beazley to offer brands cybercrime reputational protection and support globally

As part of the deal, Beazley's clients outside of the US will be able to call upon CNC's reputation management service to prepare for cyber attacks and manage issues in the event of a breach.

CNC's support will allow Beazley's data breach policyholders to focus on operational issues, while the consultancy manages communications with its stakeholders.

The consultancy will also offer a range of pre-breach training services, designed to test protocol and offer experience. Trainers will work with the crisis teams to lead them through the handling of media-enquiries, social media activity and direct contact from stakeholders.

Alessandro Lezzi, international technology, media and business services team leader at Beazley, said: "We understand that, for many of our policyholders, one of the most damaging aspects of a data breach is the impact it can have on their reputation. By offering clients access to the advice of one of the most experienced firms in this area, we are now able to provide crisis communications and training alongside other key aspects of our breach response insurance policy, including forensic, breach notification and legal services.”

Richard Campbell (pictured), CNC London managing partner, added: “Cyber-security has moved high up on the list of issues keeping CEOs awake at night, and companies increasingly need to prepare appropriately for the potential reputational fall-out of a data breach. Breach preparedness is now a critical component of corporate risk management and our global team of experts is looking forward to working together with Beazley and its clients.”

Earlier this year, Campbell talked to Gorkana in an exclusive comment piece about what comms strategies companies should take when faced with a cyber-crisis.