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Web chat with Psychologies

5 November 2014

Amerley Ollennu, beauty and wellbeing editor at monthly women’s magazine Psychologies, is joining Gorkana for a live web chat today at 2:30pm.

Web chat with Psychologies

Psychologies is a monthly magazine "offering genuine food for thought" for women interested in topics ranging from family, love and relationships to fashion, beauty, travel, food and culture.

Each issue also includes a dossier Q&A section, which offers advice to readers on the issues women face, as well as exclusive interviews with celebrities.

Amerley has worked on the magazine since 2010 and has been beauty and wellbeing editor since June 2013. She works across beauty, health and wellbeing, and also heads up its travel pages.

She also launched the magazine's first fitness column and likes to hear about fitness, nutrition and psychological research in relation to exercise.

PRs will get the chance to find out from Amerley how Psychologies works, the type of content she’s looking for and what PRs can do to help.

The web chat will run on this web page for an hour at 2.30pm today, using the Disqus comment box below.

Post your questions in advance (for the best experience, view via Chrome or Firefox) or join in below at 2.30pm today when Amerley will be answering questions live.