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Burger & Lobster briefs Manifest London as it expands internationally

20 January 2016

Restaurant chain Burger & Lobster has brought in Manifest London to establish the brand internationally.

Burger & Lobster briefs Manifest London as it expands internationally

Burger & Lobster first launched in 2011, selling lobster and burgers at the same price (£20). It now has 12 restaurants and has briefed Manifest London to help educate customers about the origins and sustainability of its products.

Manifest’s New York office, which opened 12 months ago, will also support the restaurant’s US expansion.

Maisie Denning, head of propaganda and marketing for Burger & Lobster, said: “The Burger & Lobster model is easy to understand – we do burgers and we do lobsters, and we do them both well. What’s not so easy to get is why and how we do them, so we’re excited to bring Manifest on board to tell our story.

“Manifest’s passion and experience of giving brands purpose and meaning, whilst making them stand out from the crowd is exactly what we need. We want our diners to expect the unexpected in 2016 and the ideas Manifest presented have inspired us; we’re certain it’s going to be our most exciting year yet.”

Alex Myers, group CEO at Manifest, added: “When it launched in 2011, Burger & Lobster inspired a generation of restaurateurs and diners by creating a cult dining experience that spread worldwide.

“The team there wants to continue blazing a trail and aren’t afraid to take risks and that speaks to us. We’re looking forward to continuing its culinary revolution both here and in the US.”