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Taylor Herring asks former BBC weatherman Michael Fish to tackle hipster trend predictions for 2016

18 December 2015

Taylor Herring has asked former BBC weatherman Michael Fish to come up up with some “fishy predictions” for 2016 in a video released this week.

Fish tackles trend forecasting for the year ahead - predicting that goose GIFs will be ‘huge’ next year, that beards are over and that ‘bald’ is the hot new hipster hair trend for 2016.

The BBC meteorologist, now 71, also calls time on cocktails in jam jars, vaping and ‘Netflix and chill’ in a spoof trends video published by Taylor Herring.

According to Fish, the popularity of pop-up restaurants in 2015 is set to continue. We are in for further gastronomic treats with single-item menu restaurants offering cheese triangles, alphabet spaghetti and prawn cocktails expected to open in East London.

Other predictions include ‘scratch and sniff’ making a return to print media allowing for a more interactive news-reading experience. This will be coupled with a widespread adoption of the much-maligned font Comic Sans, says Fish.

Further expectations include a nationwide technological about-turn with the VHS set to make a comeback as digital formats are rejected for retro alternatives.

Fish said: “Taylor Herring asked me to come up with some well researched, scientifically justifiable predictions for social and media trends in 2016. I was delighted to help. But having no experience in this field whatsoever I did the only thing I could. I made a lot of wild uneducated guesses. I found that predicting hipster restaurant trends wasn't that different from tracking hurricanes. They are both filled with plenty of hot air.”