Financial Services panel - Financial disruption

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This event occurred on Thursday 26 November 2015.

Financial Services panel - Financial disruption

Disruptive dilemmas - How the corporate and consumer comms challenges are changing for big banks, businesses and fast-growing fintech start-ups as new technologies and brands disrupt the UK financial services market.

From Funding Circle to Nutmeg, Ffrees and Metro Bank on the high street, the financial services sector is seeing an explosion in the number of start-ups and interest which, thanks to the opportunities offered by new Fintech businesses, are transforming the UK financial services market in terms of technology, funds and ideas.

More than £4bn has been invested in British Fintech companies since 2010. This has given established names new comms challenges to address. In addition, new technologies have raised consumer expectations for mobile banking and customer service and these expectations amplify the need for the correct communications. How should established high street banks and brands react when a new rival comes along? What contingency plans do in-house comms teams and their agencies put in place?

For challenger brands, on the other hand, success breeds competition and its own challenges: how do these brands establish themselves as credible new arrivals in the market and what is the comms challenge they pose their agencies and in-house teams? Are these challenges essentially different when building a consumer brand as opposed to reaching an audience of investors and a business market?

This event, featuring communications, PR and media experts on our hand-picked panel, will addressed these questions and more. You can see a full write up here.

Financial Services panel - Financial disruption

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