Executive Team

Ciara Jordan

Ciara Jordan, Global Operations Director

Ciara joined the organisation in 2008 and was instrumental in bringing Gorkana, Metrica and Durrants together to form the Gorkana Group. Ciara’s operational remit has been significantly increased following Cision's acquisition of the Gorkana Group in 2015.

Specifically, Ciara is responsible for overseeing both the data entry and research functions which ensure our information products are constantly up-to-date. Her remit also extends to our media analysis team, who produce valuable insights to organisations all over the world.

Additionally Ciara leads our monitoring operations team, this department works around the clock in order to keep customers updated on news and issues and underpinning all these department's activities she also manages Cision’s customer services team and all their associated processes.

Ciara has extensive operational experience right across the operational spectrum - from order management, customer service, production and business process engineering.

Prior to joining the company, Ciara had worked for the Dell Computer Corporation for over 14 years in a variety of roles and locations across the world.